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Visto de Noivos - Police Certificate FBI

Visto de Noivos - Police Certificate FBI
United States of America
If you are unable to provide a police certificate you must provide a separate statutory declaration in both English and your own language, detailing your attempts to obtain a police certificate and stating whether you and any accompanying family members have been found guilty or convicted of, or charged with offences against the law in that country, or have not been charged with any offences against the law of that country. This statutory declaration should also be corroborated by other information attesting to your character.

If police certificates become a year old from date of issue before a decision is made on an application, visa and immigration officers may request further police certificates. Further police certificates may also be requested within the 12 month period if there is good reason to do so.

The procedures for obtaining a police certificate for some countries state that the police authorities will only send the certificate direct to Immigration New Zealand. It is recommended that in such cases applicants should request their police certificate three months prior to lodging their application for a residence visa or permit. It is also recommended that such applicants provide Immigration New Zealand with a copy of the receipt for the requested police certificate (if this is available) to assist Immigration New Zealand in tracking their certificate.

All applicants aged 17 years or over are required to provide police certificates at the time a residence application is lodged unless there is a different instruction in the country-specific information (see below).
If you have lived for periods of twelve months or more in any other countries during the last ten years, you must obtain additional police certificates from these countries, and also your country(ies) of citizenship unless you can provide satisfactory evidence that you have never lived there.
Police certificates must be less than six months old at the time you lodge your residence application.

Temporary Entry Visa or Permit
All applicants aged 17 years or over who are working, visiting or studying in New Zealand for twenty four months or longer are required to provide a police certificate.
The police certificate is to be provided at the time you lodge your application unless there is a different instruction in the country-specific information (see below).
Applicants must supply a police certificate from any country in which they have lived for 5 years or more since attaining the age of 17 years as well as their country(ies) of citizenship, unless they can provide satisfactory evidence that they have never lived there.
Specific procedure for United States of America
Apply in writing for an FBI identification record to the:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Attn: Identification Division1000 Custer Hollow RoadClarksburgh, West Virginia 26306 United States of America
You should provide:

satisfactory proof of your identity
a processing fee
full names
date and place of birth
a set of rolled ink fingerprint impressions placed upon a fingerprint card or form commonly used by law enforcement agencies.

The FBI will tell you the amount of the fee. In New Zealand, some police offices and some security firms provide a fingerprinting service.

For applicants in the United States of America:
You must go to your local Police Station to complete an “Applicant Card” and have your fingerprints taken.

“Applicant Cards” may be obtained through your State Police or Federal Bureau of Investigation or calling, (304) 625 5590 and selecting Option #3.

Once your fingerprints have been taken you then send this card to the FBI and request a copy of your record listing together with the following:

A written request stating that you are applying for residence in New Zealand
Your full name, your date of birth and place of birth
Fee US$18 (must be a certified cheque or money order payable to the US Treasury)
The Address is:

Federal Bureau of Investigation HeadquartersC.J.I.S. Division.Attn. Scu, Mod. D21000 Custer Hollow RoadClarksburgWV26306USA

Further information: see the US FBI's page about requesting records and police certificates

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