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Sungha Jung

A Korean mainstream TV show had a special on Sungha in December 2006. Thomas Leeb one day came across a YouTube video of Sungha playing 'Akaskero.' Being amazed and inspired, he invited Sungha to his upcoming performance in Korea.

Kiss from a Rose

Sungha's grandma and mom did not particularly appreciate his early day enthusiastic but quite noisy guitar playing, but now they do more than anyone else.
pedestal123 (8 months ago) Show Hide +2 Marked as spam Reply According to his dad, Sungha's first guitar was a $10 toy that he could not properly tune. Frustrated Sungha wept so hard, and his dad got him a custom made real guitar by courtesy of a Korean master guitar maker.

All Along the Watchtower

Sungha enjoys playing on stage before crowds.

Living on a prayer

His classmates and friends do not exactly know what fingerstyle guitar playing is about, but they are all proud of Sungha anyway.


The interviewer asks why he uploaded a his video in the first place, then, he answers, "To have some feedbacks, and to correct my play." He says he studied finger style by videos on the web.

I Believe I can fly

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